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  1. Roy Milton and his Solid Senders - Oh Babe 2:33
  2. Carl Perkins - Matchbox 2:16
  3. Pee Wee Crayton - You Know Yeah 2:37
  4. Daddy Cleanhead - Somethin's Going On In My Room 2:16
  5. Howlin' Wolf - Spoonful 2:49
  6. Jimmy Reed - Big Boss Man 2:49
  7. Elmore James - Knockin' At Your Door 2:37
  8. Jerry Lee Lewis - Breakup 2:45
  9. Wynonie Harris - Good Rockin' Tonight 2:42
  10. Guitar Slim - Lawdy Miss Clawdy 2:38
  11. Nelson Alexander Trio - Drink Up Light Up 2:33
  12. Louis Jordan - Mop Mop 2:58
  13. Little Walter - Mellow Down Easy 2:45
  14. Johnny Otis - Willie and the Handjive 2:43
  15. Albert Collins - Freeze 2:21
  16. Guitar Slim - Things That I Used to Do 3:04
  17. Little Richard - Long Tall Sally 2:12
  18. Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee 2:36
  19. Professor Longhair - Hey Now Baby 5:45
  20. Jimmy Reed - My Baby Told Me 3:34
  21. Little Richard - Lucille 2:26

This collection explores the threshold between rock 'n' roll and some of the musical forms which immediately preceded it. I should note that in particular it explores the "blue root" of rock 'n' roll -- that is, the Afro-American styles which gave birth to what we think of as "rock 'n' roll" sometime in the early to mid 1950s. Rock 'n' roll also has a "white root" which grew out of American folk and hillbilly (later, "country") music, but it is from the blue root that rock inherited its savage beat and much of its melodic, harmonic, lyrical, and textural vocabulary.

By no means is this disc intended to be in any way complete or comprehensive. That it should be fun to listen and dance to was its sole intent. Any residual educational value is purely incidental. This collection in fact started with this hypothetical (what I suppose could be deemed our central research question): If one were to throw a real gone party in 1958, what would be on the record player? This represents one possible answer to that question while acknowledging that the number of other possible answers is infinite.

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